GWR Guidelines: Officials

1.The attempt should be overseen by suitable stewards who should, like the medical personnel, rotate on duty in four hour sessions.

The duties of the stewards should include:

•the provision of a constant supply of water, or some other suitable healthy beverage, beside the attempt area

•maintaining log books throughout the attempt

•registering of the medical personnel

•obtaining the signatures and addresses of the witnesses (see below)

2.The venue at which the attempt is taking place should be open to public inspection throughout the attempt.

3.Two independent witnesses must be present at all times throughout the attempt. The witnesses should also rotate in four hour shifts: any number of witnesses may participate on the rota. Witnesses must sign the log book at the beginning and end of each shift, confirming the details entered into the log book for the period during which they are on duty. No one related to any ‘contestant’ can act as a witness. No one aged under 18 may serve as a witness.

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