GWR Guidelines: Rules

The record is for DJs in a club or dance NOT for DJs doing a radio broadcast.

1. Vinyl discs or CDs must be played throughout the attempt.

2. There must be no pauses longer than ten seconds between tunes; music must be continuous.

3. No premixing (ie: pre-recorded sections on CD, or mastermixes on vinyl) is allowed.

4. No more than two turntables may be used. (A third turntable may be kept in reserve but may be used only in the event of mechanical failure of either of the other two turntables.)

5. No individual disc, and no piece of music, may be repeated in performance within four hours. A list of all the tunes played must be maintained.

6. The event should take place on stage in a club or similar venue, open to members of the public, and not in a recording studio.

7. A dancing audience, even if it is a single individual, must be present throughout the DJ session, but no member of the audience may attend for more than four hours at a stretch.

8. A break of 15 minutes must be taken after every eight hours from the beginning of the event.

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