The Vertex:

The attempt will be staged in a stunning pyramid-shaped temporary nightclub in Federation Square, Melbourne. Christened “The Vertex” and built especially for the occasion, the structure will comprise a scaffolding frame clad in a revolutionary new polycarbonate thermoplastic sheeting that’s UV-resistant, weather-resistant and boasts excellent thermal insulation.

Situated in a prime spot and covering an area measuring almost 100 metres squared, The Vertex will contain a fully-equipped professional DJ booth, VIP area, public dance floor and landscaped interior garden.The radical design is the brainchild of FMSA Architects, who won The Centenary Federation Arch Competition and created the celebrated “pick up” sticks arch across Swanston Street in 2000.

Peter Sandow, a director of FMSA Architects, said: “The world record breaking effort will bring a great deal of attention to The Big Issue and Challenge. These community issues demand attention from all sectors of our society. We hope the trapezoidal pyramid building form we’ve designed will give the occasion a prominence not seen before in Federation Square.”

The Vertex’s frame will be built by Tubeway Scaffolding, a family-run firm at the forefront of the industry in Victoria. The polycarbonate sheeting that will form the venue’s walls is being provided by Ampelite, a major manufacturer and supplier of roofing materials.


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