Sound System:

Three things were vital when it came to the chosen sound system: sound quality, endurance and ergonomics. The need for quality of sound is self-explanatory. Ditto, endurance. And given I would be using the equipment for 100 hours solid, the need for it to be of the utmost ergonomic design - and extremely easy/comfortable to use - was paramount. Anything unfamiliar or difficult to navigate - even if it was gifted to us - would be getting slung straight out of the window. You wouldn't try to walk across the Sahara wearing a pair of stilettos now, would you?

Essential components were turntables, mixer, CD players, amps and speakers - with enough styli to change the needle every eight hours, preferably. A good, clean monitor speaker was also essential.

turntables: TECHNICS - SL1200 MK2

needles: SHURE - White Label

mixer: ALLEN & HEATH - Xone 62

CD decks: DENON - DN-S3500

amps: CAMCO

speaker system: NEXO


microphones: AUDIO TECHNICA - ATM41HE

mixing desk: DiGiCo - D1 Live


Thanks to TECHNICAL AUDIO GROUP for the supply of Headphones and Mics.

Thanks to FACTORY SOUND for the supply of the Decks, Mixer, Mic stands, Needles and cartridges and slipmats and so much more!

Thanks to GROUP TECHNOLOGIES for the supply of the Amps and Speakers and their full installation and removal.

Thanks to AUDIO PRODUCTS GROUP for the supply of the CD decks.

Thanks to ROLAND for the supply of the Real time video presenter.

Thanks to ULA for the supply and installation of all the Lighting.

Thanks to James Tapscott for the amazing visuals.

And a special thanks to Ken Khoun for the supply of the Plasmas.



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